BALC Spoken English Training Programme

  • Foundation English
  • Functional English
  • Fluent English
  • Professional English 
  • Holiday English
  • Phonetics for Kids
  • English Accent
  • Certificate in Phonology 
  • Certificate in Communicative English

The BALC’s Spoken English Training Programme aims to enhance students’ ability to speak in a variety of social and academic situations and to enhance students’ understanding of academic and non-academic spoken discourse. It provides motivating activities and meaningful inputs to maximise communication which increases confidence and stimulates learning. Particular emphasis is given to extract information from listening texts (video modules), which is used as basics for developing discussion skills. The BALC’s Spoken English Training Programme empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning by encouraging them to work independently on weaker areas of listening and speaking. Practical guidance is provided and progress is monitored.

The courses are designed for students who wish to increase their knowledge and expertise in communication. The course covers important concepts, vocabulary, sentence construction, and conversation practice which improves communication ability and the integration of a comprehensive grammar review increases the accuracy of communication. Both grammar and pronunciation are taught from an ESL perspective.