An Institute of Handwriting Technology

Handwriting Improvement Course

Always teachers and parents insist students to write neatly, properly, slowly, fast, write big or

small etc,. But nobody teaches or tells HOW to write. At BALC, we teach you HOW TO WRITE.

Duration : 7 days.

One hour daily.

100% result. Money Back Guarantee

Fee: Rs 2500

Speed Writing

Speed is the essence of education. Just intelligence doesn’t help students to score more marks

in exams But Speed in writing gives. Speed writing is the sign of progress of a student.

Duration : 15 days.

One hour daily.

100% result.

Fee: Rs 3500


Calligraphy means”beautiful writing.” Calligraphy can be both a delight to the eye and

an inspiration to the spirit. In our technological age, the appreciation for the art of calligraphy

has grown incredibly. Calligraphy is a fun hobby, a great business, and a creative art.

Duration : 15 days.

One hour daily.

100% result.

Fee: Rs 3500


Handwriting is the expression of the whole personality. Writing is expressive movements and

these movements have their meanings and interpretations. Graphology is the study of

handwriting and it has  connection to a persons behavior.

Duration : 3 months.

Bi-Weekly Classes.

Fee: Rs6000/-